Video testimonials are the best way to share client experiences.


Testimonials increase sales through your website; in a recent study, WikiJobs added three testimonial videos to their homepage and saw sales increase by 34%.

The majority of potential customers start their search online, and over 50% respond positively to online reviews. Testimonial videos are a great way to seal the deal, let your customers do the selling, it takes word of mouth to the next level allowing you to reach audiences you never thought you’d be able to connect with.

Best of all, its easy to do. Grab a few clients with something to say, we’ll get in touch with them, organise the shoot and ask them the questions we created together. We’ll pull the final videos together and have them with you within a week of production. It couldn’t be easier.


This service includes two testimonial videos at around 2 minutes duration each. We will create start and end title designs that fit perfectly with your brand. We will shoot in up to six locations with six different people*.


TWO for £200

FOUR for £350

SIX* for £500