Capturing your event on video is a no brainer. Share it with people who couldn’t make it, or share it on social media to people who didn’t even know about it.

Have you spent all year organising an event and don’t want it to all be over in the blink of an eye? Two Cubed can be there, camera in hand ready to capture the event and all the best bits for you to keep forever. Whether it is an awards ceremony, a keynote speech or a conference (expo) Two Cubed know what to do.

From £500.00

his service works slightly differently to others. This price includes pre-production, 4 hours shooting at the event and 4 hours post and a final video.

Anything on top of this we charge £60.00 per hour, per camera. We always recommend having 2 cameras to capture the best angles.

Want some shorter videos from the footage we have captured? We charge £60.00 per hour for post-production. A shorter video usually takes 2 to 6 hours post.