Video shows personality, personality sells. Two Cubed Creative will create a video that is perfect to promote your product, service or business.


Have a concept in mind? Ready for production but need the crew? Trying to create something fresh and unique? We are here for you.

We love to inspire creativity and work on new and exciting concepts for video. If you’ve got a wicked idea or one of our other plans doesn’t quite fit your needs – we created the Creative Custom plan to be fully customisable and easy to use.

This can be used for long or short projects – but don’t forget about our Creative Plans, there might be something there for you.


This plan is fully customisable – there is no maximum or minimum time frame for the video. Get in touch with us to speak about your project and we’ll be able to send you through a quote for your project within 12 hours.

Make sure you check out our Creative Plans to see if your project doesn’t fit into one of them.


From £500