Fun in the sun!

August 31, 2017Tips

Inspired from some of the beautiful weather we’ve had this summer. Let’s talk about a few handy tips for filming outside on a sunny day! We know it’s not always easy filming when it’s so bright outside, or filming outside in general for that matter. So hopefully this guide will be handy in helping you … Read More

Put them everywhere!

August 17, 2017Tips, Two Cubed Creative

Put what everywhere?¬†Testimonials! Why? Well, here are a few reasons why having a video testimonial and sharing it as much as possible, can have a real boost to your online sales and click through rates. Let’s start with five quick statistics about testimonials, we all love a good stat right! 51.9%¬†of marketing professionals worldwide name … Read More

Let’s go live again!

April 28, 2017Tips

Going live on Facebook alone is becoming such a popular feature with users. But Facebook isn’t the only one! Let’s take a look at what’s new with Live, some interesting stats and how just how useful it can be. In this handy graph, we can see that Facebook live is the most popular platform for … Read More