Be content with your content

October 11, 2018Tips

It goes without saying that most businesses, charities, organisations and individuals now use social media. You may have of wanted nothing to do with it but in this day and age, it’s a must-have. You want to use it successfully but aren’t sure where to start. We understand the pressure of having up to date and … Read More

Our top tips for interviewing for video!

September 13, 2018Tips

We’ve done a lot of interviews, some successful and some not so much! Through practice and learning the best ways to interview we’d now say we’re thoroughly versed in the art of interviewing techniques. By no stretch are we journalists but we know how to shoot a good looking interview and we know how to get … Read More

Actually completely free stock footage!

August 30, 2018Tips

Editing a project or making your own online content? Struggling to find decent stock footage? It’s a problem we have too. Sometimes it’s hard to source your own footage and with a treasure trove of free footage out there, why not make the most of it?! We’re going to give you a few sites that … Read More

Using Video On LinkedIn (or not as the case may be)

August 2, 2018Tips

LinkedIn is a very different social media platform to what your average joe uses in everyday life. In short, it’s a professional networking site. It’s not somewhere you go to watch cat videos (sometimes) but more to enhance and show off your professional persona, be it you personally or your company. You’re more like to see … Read More

Finding free music for your video isn’t easy

July 19, 2018Tips, Two Cubed Creative

Finding free music for your video isn’t easy, it’s always been a battle for filmmakers (including ourselves) to either source copyright free sound or music that’s at least reasonably priced. Trying to find pop music at a great price can be a headache. Plus if you use it without permission you soon bump into problems. … Read More

The power of social video

June 6, 2018Tips

Social Video is now everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. We’re going to be talking about the power of Social Video in the digital age and how it can help you, inspire, engage and sell. From big business, SME’s, charities or even self-employed. Video can help you in a number of ways.  Share and Inspire The … Read More

Watching video anywhere!

May 22, 2018Tips

It’s now easier than ever to watch video, film or TV on the go using popular streaming apps from the iPlayer to YouTube and everyone’s favourite Netflix. 

The top three places to use video online

April 18, 2018Tips

Wondering where you should put your video online, or maybe just curious about the most popular places for online video? We’ve got a shortlist of the three main contenders. Number one being the biggest and most successful place for online video (you’ve probably already guessed what it is)! Instagram is seen as the hip and … Read More

5 tips to up your video quality

April 10, 2018Tips, Two Cubed Creative

Just starting using video online? It can be daunting at first and you may not be seeing the results you want. We’re here to help with a few tips to give your videos a creative boost! Here are 5 tips to up your video quality. Lighting Lighting is crucial to making your video look professional … Read More

Why video dominates your news feed

March 21, 2018Tips

We all check at least one of our news feeds a day, be that on twitter, facebook or even online news outlets. We’re constantly checking and scrolling, you now can’t scroll without seeing a video every few seconds. From dogs on skateboards, people falling over to a simple product review we can see it everywhere … Read More