Star Wars: The Last Jedi AR

August 24, 2017News

We’ve been thinking a lot about 360 and AR (Augmented Reality) recently. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be coming to stores on September 1st, but why are we writing about the release of a toy? Disney announced that the toys will include an augmented reality element. The AR experience will give users the ability to unlock and … Read More

RED Dreams

August 3, 2017News

If you know the audiovisual industry, you know about RED cameras. They are the ultimate video machines. As a small production company investing in a RED camera is a pretty big deal, £40k+. However, Apple is now selling, with an exclusive deal, RED cameras. Specifically, the RED RAVEN. In 2006, RED began a revolution with … Read More

The story of The xx and Calvin Klein

July 25, 2017News

We are huge fans of The xx here at Two Cubed, and we are huge fans of their latest video, which is also secretly (not that secretly) a Calvin Klein ad. Calvin Klein collaborated with The xx to create the indie band’s latest music video, a nostalgic tribute to Los Angeles scattered with the brand’s … Read More

YouTube and the new ‘TV advert’

April 6, 2017News

Being able to advertise online opens so many doors. But advertising with video on YouTube can open so many more. Here’s how and why. Video is more engaging than text or a poster your audience is more likely to stick around and watch it (or pay enough and they have no choice). The next thing … Read More

Online streaming, how popular is it?

March 22, 2017News

With the internet becoming much more accessible, at home as well as on the move. It is no surprise that it feels like online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video are getting more and more popular. But how popular is it really? As you can see Netflix alone is now more popular … Read More

Videos do better in-feed

March 1, 2017News

The best-performing videos on social media are within a user’s feed, on silent mode and shorter than 15 seconds, according to a study by Twitter and Omnicom Media Group. The research found that, when viewed in-feed, videos were 7% more personally relevant and stimulated 14% more memory encoding than when watched full-screen. The study also … Read More

Snap(chat) Inc. announce ‘Spectacles’

February 27, 2017News

The makers of Snapchat bring you Spectacles. What is/are Spectacles? They are glorified glasses, a “cheaper Google Glass”; and a “toy” as said by CEO of Snap Inc. This week Snapchat makers announced a new piece of hardware: ‘Spectacles’, and their rebranding: Snapchat Inc. to Snap Inc.

GoPro, the new home video and you

February 27, 2017News

A 30 second GoPro advert that raises a very good point! From the early days of 1920’s home movies started to become a fad. A great way to keep family memories and occasions forever. One problem, you’re not in them! Why? Because you’ve always been behind the camera, holding and recording everyone else’s very social … Read More

Wes Anderson does Christmas

December 25, 2016News

We have no doubt that you have already seen the wonderful works of Wes Anderson in his superbly crafted, kooky film worlds. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Moonrise Kingdom. The Royal Tenenbaums. And more specifically, The Darjeeling Limited. This year, H&M partnered up with Anderson to create a characteristic Christmas ad starring Adrien Brody. … Read More