It better be quick!

January 21, 2020Marketing, Social Media

It better be quick! We’re talking about video calm down, but it’s still very very true in this case. With so much video content in such a busy world, it can seem like you’re under siege with digital content. It’s important that we do everything we possibly can to keep our audience engaged and more … Read More

The Holidays Are Coming

November 26, 2019Marketing

Yes, it is that time, The Holidays Are Coming and the Christmas adverts are out in force. We thought we’d throw together a quick list of some of our favourites from this year! John Lewis Set to, ‘Can’t fight this feeling’ re-recorded by Dan Smith from the band Bastille, the story follows a little girl … Read More

A clever campaign, full of comedy and subtleties

November 12, 2019Marketing

Who doesn’t love a good wind up, but on a national level?! Even better, Paddy Power has changed the game with this campaign! We all know that football is the nations most loved sport, from watching to playing we just can’t get enough. The one criticism most football fans have? Money and how it’s destroyed … Read More

Pro-Snapchat. Anti-Facebook.

August 15, 2019Marketing

Snapchat has had its struggles, stock prices plummeting and users leaving the platform left it behind other social media platforms – including the newcomer TikTok. But Snapchat isn’t done, far from it. In a creative combo of making ‘real’ friends and a takedown of what Facebook has become, it’s created a brilliant advertising campaign. You … Read More

Simple, effective and nonjudgemental

July 4, 2019Marketing

Simple, effective and nonjudgemental – isn’t that what every video should be? Let’s cut out the complicated bits and rely on the way humans connect with each other, be that through laughter, tears, joy or just being able to look another person in the eyes. Video magnifies all of these things. The emotion and effectiveness … Read More

Crazy Dreams Make Crazy Adverts

June 12, 2019Marketing

Nike has been churning out some incredible adverts as of late, featuring some of the worlds best sports personalities. From Serena Williams to Colin Kaepernick. They know how to cause a stir and push their #justdoit tagline. The latest crazy ad to their portfolio features the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal. After winning a historic … Read More

Charities need online strategies too!

May 22, 2019Marketing

Tech Trust’s 2018 Charity Digital Survey showed that 92% of charities with a digital strategy in place say that they expect to increase their measurable impact in the years to come. Does that sound about right for your charity? If not, you might be in trouble. So how do you swing the digital age into your … Read More

Why use Audio or Video in 2019?

January 8, 2019Marketing

Online media is such a powerful marketing tool. From online video to podcasts, both are easily accessible and can yield a huge audience. We’re always saying it but YouTube’s usage increases every year without a fail and is the second most used search platform (after Google). The same goes for podcasting it’s a growing market with … Read More