Influenced by or influencing on Snapchat?

August 9, 2018News

Snapchat has had a pretty rough time of late, with Kylie Jenner apparently knocking 1 billion off the value of Snapchat by just saying ‘Does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore?!’. According to the statistics shes not the only one turning away from the once loved platform. Just through your own use, you notice people … Read More

Using Video On LinkedIn (or not as the case may be)

August 2, 2018Tips

LinkedIn is a very different social media platform to what your average joe uses in everyday life. In short, it’s a professional networking site. It’s not somewhere you go to watch cat videos (sometimes) but more to enhance and show off your professional persona, be it you personally or your company. You’re more like to see … Read More

Two Cubed turns THREE

July 28, 2018Two Cubed Creative

Is it that time already? Would you believe it, but today Two Cubed Creative turns THREE – we made it! The past three years have been an absolute blast. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing organisations and capturing some wonderful moments. From working with the NHS in Mid Essex, to a Napoleonic … Read More

Finding free music for your video isn’t easy

July 19, 2018Tips, Two Cubed Creative

Finding free music for your video isn’t easy, it’s always been a battle for filmmakers (including ourselves) to either source copyright free sound or music that’s at least reasonably priced. Trying to find pop music at a great price can be a headache. Plus if you use it without permission you soon bump into problems. … Read More

What we’re watching

July 12, 2018Two Cubed Creative

We’re just over halfway through the year and we want to share with you some of what we’ve been watching! We’ll be looking at what we’ve enjoyed on YouTube, Netflix and the like. Colin and Samir are both YouTubers and filmmakers from LA creating content focused on our favourite subject, video. They run their own … Read More

What’s this IGTV?

July 5, 2018News, Two Cubed Creative

If you don’t know what IGTV is, you soon will. IGTV is Instagrams brand new, stand-alone, platform designed for longer form video. So whats so special about this platform and why should you be using it? “IGTV is different to your typical video experience. Videos are full-screen and vertical without any black boxes on the side, so … Read More

BBC’s World Cup Launch Trailer

June 28, 2018Two Cubed Creative

The world cup upon us! Every single match is being televised between ITV and the BBC, that’s 64 live games to watch in total! With over ten million people tuning into the England games alone. It’s a massive sporting an event and a huge worldwide audience. It’s so important to get your content right and … Read More

Fuel your online sales with video🎥

June 21, 2018Video

Let’s face it, video is a great tool to have at your disposal. Showcase what you do, the products you sell…you get it. The ONS reported that website sales contributed 40.4% to the total e-commerce sales in 2015, an increase from 36.2% in 2014. But online? How does a video help? Can a video really … Read More

Two From Two Cubed

June 14, 2018Two Cubed Creative

Tom and I have decided to venture into the world of podcasting with Two from Two Cubed. Podcasts are blowing up right now and we saw it as a perfect opportunity to talk about the things we’re both interested in… The creative industry, being a young entrepreneur and online video.

The power of social video

June 6, 2018Tips

Social Video is now everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. We’re going to be talking about the power of Social Video in the digital age and how it can help you, inspire, engage and sell. From big business, SME’s, charities or even self-employed. Video can help you in a number of ways.  Share and Inspire The … Read More