Star Wars: The Last Jedi AR

August 24, 2017News

We’ve been thinking a lot about 360 and AR (Augmented Reality) recently. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be coming to stores on September 1st, but why are we writing about the release of a toy? Disney announced that the toys will include an augmented reality element. The AR experience will give users the ability to unlock and … Read More

Put them everywhere!

August 17, 2017Tips, Two Cubed Creative

Put what everywhere? Testimonials! Why? Well, here are a few reasons why having a video testimonial and sharing it as much as possible, can have a real boost to your online sales and click through rates. Let’s start with five quick statistics about testimonials, we all love a good stat right! 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name … Read More

RED Dreams

August 3, 2017News

If you know the audiovisual industry, you know about RED cameras. They are the ultimate video machines. As a small production company investing in a RED camera is a pretty big deal, £40k+. However, Apple is now selling, with an exclusive deal, RED cameras. Specifically, the RED RAVEN. In 2006, RED began a revolution with … Read More

Here’s to TWO Cubed Creative!

July 28, 2017Two Cubed Creative

July 28th 2015, I started tgudgeon|media in my bedroom, with a goal of producing great quality videos for great businesses. Here we are TWO years later, under the name of Two Cubed Creative and going in the right direction! As we have done before, we are going to be giving something away to celebrate our … Read More

The story of The xx and Calvin Klein

July 25, 2017News

We are huge fans of The xx here at Two Cubed, and we are huge fans of their latest video, which is also secretly (not that secretly) a Calvin Klein ad. Calvin Klein collaborated with The xx to create the indie band’s latest music video, a nostalgic tribute to Los Angeles scattered with the brand’s … Read More

Client Spotlight: 45e Infanterie de Ligne

July 6, 2017Two Cubed Creative

We recently wrapped on a project working with a Napoleonic reenactment group, the 45e Infanterie de Ligne.  We were really fortunate with this project as it allowed us to unleash our creativity in a different way to how we normally do with the corporate videos. Tasked with creating an epic, movie trailer-esq, video for the 45eme, we … Read More

Why tell your story?

June 26, 2017Stories

Everybody has a story to tell. But, why should you share that story with the world? How can it benefit you, or those around you? Stories can enable you to create a community. When you share your story you express your values. By crafting and telling your story you have clarified your own values and … Read More

Our favourite #stories

June 6, 2017Stories

What are our favourite stories? Real life or fiction we all have stories that stay with us forever. But why do they stay with us and how can we share our own personal experiences? The power of a good story can never be overstated. We all remember stories told to us when we were kids, … Read More

How does your story sell you?

May 19, 2017Stories

What’s your story? Is it a new product, maybe a client’s great experience, a humbling adventure or just how you got started? We all love a story and there are so many ways to tell one. It’s no secret video is our favorite way. Just imagine reaching an endless audience, all over the world and from … Read More

We love Stories

May 5, 2017Two Cubed Creative

We love stories, I think we all do, stories are what connect us and help us share experiences. Stories can be powerful, they can change the way we think and they can make us feel all kinds of emotions. Video is a great way to share these stories. Stories deserve to be shared, after all, … Read More