Boost your feed with a BURST of video content

March 7, 2019Two Cubed Creative

Are you looking to bring your social media feeds or website to life with a video, then look no further. We’ve designed the ultimate creative idea package to help you hit the ground running. Update, engage, inspire or entertain your audience with the content that they want to consume. We’ll get to know your organisation … Read More

A handful of tips to get the most out of your video

February 20, 2019Tips

It can sometimes be a challenge to get the most out of your video content, so here are a few simple tips that are guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of your video online. Make sure you share it on multiple platforms, it’s so tempting to just upload it to YouTube and leave it there. There’s … Read More

The rise of short-form video

February 13, 2019Tips

The attention span of the average person online is incredibly short and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be increasing anytime soon. With so much variety it’s no surprise that people don’t hang around. If a video is too long, people won’t stick around to consume that content. Alternatively, if they choose to watch … Read More

Why use Audio or Video in 2019?

January 8, 2019Marketing

Online media is such a powerful marketing tool. From online video to podcasts, both are easily accessible and can yield a huge audience. We’re always saying it but YouTube’s usage increases every year without a fail and is the second most used search platform (after Google). The same goes for podcasting it’s a growing market with … Read More

A Look Back at 2018!

December 18, 2018Two Cubed Creative

We’ve had a really exciting year, working with new clients, attending some incredible events and moving office. It’s been a busy year but a really positive one. With the year coming to an end we wanted to share just a few of our highlights of 2018! SRtRC Educational film The Show Racism the Red Card … Read More

Article 13 is Coming!

December 12, 2018News

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a controversial new copyright directive. The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, to give it its full name, is designed to update existing copyright laws for the internet age. Simply put, the Directive on Copyright places more responsibility on websites such as YouTube, … Read More

Our Festive Ad Highlights

December 7, 2018Two Cubed Creative

Christmas is nearly upon us, but the Christmas adverts and videos have already arrived. We always enjoy watching these from a filmmaking perspective but we also love the festive feeling some of them give us. So here are a few of highlights from this year (so far)! 3 The Big Night Sainsburys This one definitely has the … Read More

Feature Friday: B2B & Video

November 23, 2018#FeatureFriday

According to Google, around 70% of business-to-business customers watch videos on their route to purchase, that’s a huge number of prospective clients that are crying out to see a video produced by you. Business-to-business buyers are slowly becoming more in line with consumers when it comes to watching videos. The Content Marketing Institute reported that … Read More

The need for online video just keeps growing

November 22, 2018Video

Lets face it, most of us are on social media or use the internet daily. With 78% of people watching videos every week and a staggering 55% watching something every day! That’s almost 2 billion people watching videos every single day! From America to the UK and even China. A single video can be viewed … Read More

The LA at 35!

November 15, 2018Client

We’ve recently partnered up with the Limbless Association to help improve on their existing content and massive following across social media. The Limbless Association celebrated 35 years of working in the third sector helping and aiding amputees to live the best life possible. With a lot of incredible and inspiring stories to tell we can’t wait … Read More