This Friday we’re talking about one of our favourite types of online video, Testimonials!

We love a good video testimonial and we know video testimonials sell well. It’s a real voice coming from a real person talking about you. Show off how great you are to potential clients or just collect feedback from your valued customers to improve.

Testimonials are best done in numbers, having one doesn’t have the same effect as having a whole campaign ready to go. We shot several video testimonials for Mid Essex CCG so they could gauge how their services and the NHS works in Mid Essex. They had some great feedback to show other users what they could do for them and so their board could scrutinise the work they have been doing. Remember not all feedback has to be good feedback, depending on what you’re trying to achieve. We found NHS users in Mid Essex and got to work on a range of different topics, following the CCG’s Live Well campaign, from staying healthy to giving birth with the help of the NHS. We were really pleased with the outcome of these, simple to put together as well as incredibly effective. Real stories from real people. Check out just a couple below and you can find more on our YouTube or Facebook page.


Video testimonials can help you sell. The example we’ll use here is the work we had done with WFP (fire & security), the idea was to get some brilliant feedback from clients that had used the service and to encourage potential clients to buy into certain services provided by WFP. Of course, when shopping around you like to hear other peoples opinions of a company, not just from the company telling you they’re great. We trust other clients more, as a potential client, much like through word of mouth. Once again so easy to produce and share, because of the short nature these are great to put anywhere, a landing page or on social media. With the ability to collate testimonials together or separate them individually to create great social media bites. Have a look below to see our short and long WFP testimonials.


“How much will this cost me?” We hear you ask.

Well, we offer a great price on testimonials. Two for £200. Four for £350 or Six for £500.

We feel testimonials are one of the most affordable and effective types of video. For more information click here. 

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