This #FeatureFriday we’re talking about capturing your events and what services could help you do that best.

As you can imagine events video is pretty self-explanatory, from a training day to an awards ceremony, anything live and anything you don’t want your audience to miss out on.

For example, we’ve filmed at both Boleyn ground (West Ham) and The King Power stadium (Leicester City) for Show Racism the Red Card’s annual school awards ceremony, capturing interviews before the event had started with participants and sponsors, to filming special guests giving their speeches, the awards themselves as well as the hubbub of the day. Editing together a fantastic film for participants to re-watch and remember forever. These videos also allow those who missed out on the day to see the great event as well as creating a buzz for future events.

Another great example would be a spoken word night that we captured. It’s simple but effective and it gets that creative work out there. Great for people to recap and enjoy, but great for your own portfolio too. ‘Hey I’m a poet, let me show you some of my work’ it saves you breaking out in song every time you tell someone what you do. Great for an artist’s YouTube page or any social media platform. It’s so simple to do, normally using two cameras we can cover the performance in great detail and in a professional way compared to filming it on your phone!

So how much does it cost and what do you get? We start our events video packages from £500 and for charities, we offer discounts on videos starting from £350!!

You’ll get from a live-edited video of the best bits of the event. You can even have both a montage of the event showcasing the highlights and the whole event edited together – seamless!

For more information, see our events page.

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